luni, 15 august 2011

Tip of The Day : Fading nails

Hi guys! I have a Tip of the Day today: how to quick fix a chipping nail. So, I had this manicure for two days and it started to chip a little bit,but I didn't want to change it,so What I did is I've created a fading effect with a silver nail polish. This is the before/after pics.
Hope you find it useful.
Before :

After :


joi, 11 august 2011

Haul : E.L.F

Hello!!! Today I have a haul for you. My small order from Elf just arrived the other day and I wanted to show you what I got:

So I got :
1. Clarifying Pressed Powder (honey)
2. Brightening Eye Color (butternut)
3. Natural Radiance Blush (innocence)
4. Cream Eyeliner from their Studio Line (black)
5. Eyelid Primer
6. Blending brush.

And I got the Shimmering Facial Whip as a gift .
If you want me to do a review of any of these products,let me know .

luni, 8 august 2011

How to : Funk Up your T-shirts

Hello! Today I will show you how to play with your boring T-shirts. I'm sorry I don't have a before/after pictures,just the "before" ones,but these are some T's I did a while ago.
Basically you have to imagine a whole T-shirt(not that hard).
First thing you will have to do is to take a boring/old/baggy T that you don't wear anymore,or just don't like it and a pair of scissors .
Step 1 :
do the neckline bigger: just take your scissors and pinch the T just 1cm from the neckline on both sides and start cutting.
Tip: cut the face of the T first and the back a little bit smaller,so you don't end up with a T too slouchy,too loose.

Step 2 : Now this is optional,you can leave it like that,but I cut some lines on the back. You can do as many as you want,make sure you do them straight.
Tip: Stretch as hard as you can on the lines you did,so doesn't look like you cut a line.

This is how you can wear it:

Remember : have fun!!!

First One Up

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