marți, 27 septembrie 2011

Haul : Oriflame

Hello! I did a baby haul , just 3 products from Oriflame.
Here's what I bought :

So,the palette I purchased has 6 eyeshadows , 2 blushes and I don't know why .....8 lipsticks :)) and some sponges and brushes.

I also picked up 2 lipsticks :

This is called : Warm Peach

And this is : Total Nude .
I'm really excited about this products.

luni, 19 septembrie 2011

Overview:Yves Rocher

Hello! I have an overview on Yves Rocher products . I have pictures with some That I currently use and I will tell you about some other ones I used and liked . Also there will be a haul with YR products coming soon,I just placed an order the other day . So,lets begin:

Let's brake them down :)):

First one on the left is a Floral Cleansing Milk with pure calmille witch I don't really use and don't like that much because it's too heavy for my complexion .
Next one is a face cream with Vegetal DNA or something like that , I use it at day time and really like it ,it tingles after you apply it .
Last one of this series is a really good hand cream with Arnica ,really moisturising ,I love it as you can see I only have a tiny bit left.

YR perfumes are gentle,the one on the right it's called Naturelle and the other one Iris Noir ,they both smell really nice and fresh,perfect for spring or summer.

And now my favs : I'm a big fan of the YR foundation ,it's a medium coverage and it smells great ,but I'M IN LOVE with the Sunny Tri-POwder . I use it every day as contour,blush and highlight or individually I adore this product .
Also YR's body washes smell heavenly and my mom really loves a night cream,a red one (I forgot how it's called :)))
Anyway.....hope you liked my overview and if you want a detailed review on any of these products------>let me know.
Lots of kisses!!!!

sâmbătă, 3 septembrie 2011

Shake You up

HI ! I have a "tip" for you guys:how to do your own milkshake at home,and of course customize it for your taste.
You will need : Milk,ripe bananas, and ice cream(mine is chocolate flavor with chocolate flakes) and a blender.

I use 2 and 1/2 glasses of milk,half of that ice cream and 2 bananas And blend it out :)))
You will have this yummyness of a milkshake:

Enjoy! Kisses